Magical Music Roundabout: Best Coast Back to their Besty, Our Deal.

Dots & Dashes' fave burgeoning brat Bethany Cosentino and her wondrous garage guise Best Coast just shoved their latest record, Our Deal, out into the wilderness of t'internet like a blooded intestine thrown to we greedy, clawing animals. As per, it's impossible to tear apart however, like a steak of tough old rat meat laying on Californian sands. Although obviously far more apetising than that... Imagine Richard Hawley undergoing hormonal reassignment and relocating, relocating, relocating to Big Sur, overdosing on sunshine and serotonin in place of the steely fumes of Sheffield and he'd bash out this sort of woozy loveliness in a hazy stupor. Not sure I made all this as Mountain Dew clear as it really ought to be; Our Deal is absolutely delightful.

   Best Coast - Our Deal by musicmule