Magical Music Roundabout: Soppy Kisses Abound From Pallers.

Not a single Swedish musical act comes to mind when attempting to blemish the country's rather spectacular back catalogue and the dreamy haze-pop of chiseled Stockholm duo Pallers isn't about to go stomping all over it in muddy shoes any time soon. Inspired by a "spicy" night in Ibiza, The Kiss evolves like The Knife digesting Darwinist theories, if only they'd translated it all to moody lo-fi loveliness in place of cacophonous distortion opera... Bizarrely, The Kiss sounds not too dissimilar to Dots & Dashes faves Kisses and their latest single, Bermuda were it written looking out over the Mediterranean sunrise with a PiƱa Colada in hand. Fever Ray palm-muted guitars see out the tracks expansive 5+ minutes, as Pallers invoke every sensation of a fantastical Fjord morning.

Download: Pallers, The Kiss.

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