Magical Music Roundabout: Constructing Vocal Shades, Hind Ear.

If the bloodied guts of your iPod can't whisk you away to faraway lands, inhabited by extraneous sounds and misplaced odours, your playlists probably need a rather extensive overhaul. Hind Ear, an experimental quartet from London via Brighton are one of those acts that transpose the howling winds on those pebbly south coast shores onto hallucinogenic shards of organic instrumentation that recall Caribbean calypso, Caribou and enough fruitful eccentricity to power a day's worth of Dot to Dot. As Origami floods through your ears like an erupting fire hydrant, kaleidoscopic spurts of technicolour guitar swathes lap into each other somewhere deep down in the heart of your brain, the section that's pricked when there's something quite indispensable and riveting in your midst. That something is the debut release from London label Nouns, a double A-side single from the band composed of Coconut & Origami. Still can't quite decide which is I prefer. Not that it really matters when they're both on one of the best bits of plastic to grace independent record stores in a fair old while. And it's out on 24th May. Make your own mind up when the 7" hits shelves later this month.

Download: Hind Ear, Coconut.

Hind Ear's Myspace.