On the Horizon: Meet Me In The Middle. Between Paradise and the Inferno. How To Destroy Angels.

Ever wondered How To Destroy Angels? Well, somewhat predictably, Trent Reznor's the man to reveal all. Lending your ears back to seminal 1994 release The Downward Spiral and it's quite apparent that T. Rez is anything but angelic, but religious beliefs and disbeliefs aside, his latest project all sounds rather celestial... Emerging for the first time since temporarily disbanding his pulverising Nine Inch Nails, Reznor's batted a collaborative effort with wife Mariqueen Maandig (formerly of West Indian Girl) for some time against a fair bit of apprehension. And the result, A Drowning, is a pulsating, startlingly warming, subdued swathe of signature Reznor expansive creativity mixed by NIN collaborator Adam Moulder. Pitchfork's currently streaming the track here, meaning that it'll be floating about on the breeze of t'internet rather shortly indeed. In the meantime, here's a tantalising studio vid from current sessions, before the S/T debut EP drops later this summer. Listen closely and you'll hear the pigs marching, clamouring to get their hands on it already.

How To Destroy Angels.