On the Horizon: Rip Your Jeans Off With Acid Washed.

Those horrid faded jeans splattered all over American Apparel and Urban Outfitters that look like a whole load of sulphuric acid just seeped into the Levi's factory really out to be obliterated from the face of this planet. They look like ripped wallpaper and that doesn't even look all that hot on the crumbling walls of a Shoreditch bedsit. Acid Washed however, not to be confused with shit leg wear, are a Parisian duo caught in a frenzy of vintage synths and post-Justice retro euphoria. As bongos cascade headlong into tempo-rupturing arpeggiated breakdowns, Change explodes like a viciously teething firework, gnawing at your ears as it drags you up into stratospheric atmospheres. Sprawling out subtly over almost seven minutes, it's a fairly bold claim to reaffirm the underground status of a city allegedly losing its edge.

Change by Acid Washed

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