On the Horizon: Trapped Beneath the Ferns, Friendly Foliage.

It's not all that often the finale of gargantuan ten-minute tracks veers into view, let alone stumbling across ones that enslave your every sense throughout. What with the saplings of Spring finally burrowing through the stony soils of Europe, a rather special talent is blossoming over in Alabama, an experimental assault on the hallucinatory dance hall dins of Animal Collective and muted joys of Four Tet. Friendly Foliage is 19 year old Garrett Crosby. Seemingly obsessed by the aforementioned Baltimore dream renegades, after under two years of dabbling over in lush lo-fi electronica, Masonic Meadows is accomplished. And then some. Like lying in cushioned grass aesthetically too good to be tangible, Crosby is an absolute delight to behold and ought soundtrack many a sunset over the coming weeks and months. Bloody splendid. Splendid indeed.

Friendly Foliage - Masonic Meadows [BadPanda19] from Bad Panda Records on Vimeo.

Friendly Foliage's Myspace.