On the Horizon: Rustic Rattles Wafting Over from LA, Snow & Voices.

These days, if your mind drifts over to the hallucinatory wilderness that is dream pop, Beach House is presumably your first port of call, with their wistful minimalistic guitar lines, swamped by hazy drones. Well, if you'd opt for a more affecting, distressing listen Snow & Voices offer up a rather valid alternative. Born out of the City of Angels, Lauri Kranz and multi-instrumentalist Jebin Bruni deal in a similar heart-wrenching melancholic wallowing to Sarah McLachlan, drifting down streams of self-depreciation oft sailed by Joni Mitchell as eyes begin to bulge, well up and deflate in an exodus of aqueous tears. Maybe Finland, lifted from their third LP expected next month, Anything That Moves is a disparately beautiful ode to solitude as impeccably produced as anything and everything Brian Burton's mischievous hands have stroked and as hazily entrancing as a midnight promenade through alpine outbacks doused in velveteen snow.

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