On the Horizon: Scarecrow Soul & Straw Hats on the Banks of the Mississippi. Lissie.

Mississippi isn't all that well renowned for much besides inevitably thieving a mark off of every eight year old unfortunate enough to take any spelling test in which it's contained. And on first glance, Lissie may not appear to be anything to exalt and proclaim about. Touring the UK with the smarmiest slouch to slobber all over Radio 1's A-list since Jason Mraz, Joshua Radin, Lissie trades in howling geetars snatched from the wastelands of the deep South and dusty stomps. In Sleep, her latest single (released this week), cashes in dust-bowl drawls for shimmering instrumentation whisked away from a Bananarama greatest hits like straggling desert-dwelling vermin picked off by blooded vultures as a seething solo arises from reverberating wails. Little Lovin' is as heart-warming as a mug of cocoa roasted by a wood-burning stove and in amongst the humdrum drabness of reality, she's at once euphoric and equally wallowing. It's all rather lovely really. Oh and if you can't quite hack being caught bopping away clandestinely at one of Radin's toilet tour stops, she's playing a host of summer festivals, including, rather oddly, Rock Am Ring. Fingers firmly crossed she gets out in on piece...
   Lissie // Little Lovin' by Stayloose

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