Tomorrow, In A Year, In July.

It's fairly taxing to lambast your heroes. Karin and Olof Dreijer Andersson, disguised once again behind the guile of their once-estranged Venetian masks and more recently, opera, return as The Knife. Sort of... Tomorrow, In A Year was met with somewhat sterile reviews and infrequent shots of praise and Dots & Dashes didn't quite twig what was going on behind all those papier mache beaks this time around. Yet their D-Day (D standing also for Darwin), and any further evolution for such influentially indisposable electro pioneers will be decided this July in London's Barbican Theatre, for two shows on 27th & 28th July. Shaking its post-modern balconies with the rib cage-rattling shrieks of Colouring of Pigeons will doubtlessly tear hearts out but whether Schoal Swarm Orchestra reeks of drab magnificence or lulls incoherently remains to be seen. And these shows simply must be seen, regardless of whichever form we catch these otherworldly, devastating siblings.

Electro-opera comes to London this July, with tickets already on sale from £15-25 from The Knife's official site, or directly from The Barbican.