Magical Music Roundabout: Head to Toe in Pearls, Lady Gaga.

Whilst Lady Gaga may have looked truly vile with pearls glued to her face like glistening acne scars in New York back in February, recent recording Future Love sees Stefani plonking out her most cabaret keys to date as her sultry croon cracks like a Faberge Egg sprinkling diamonds across the Manhattan skyline. It's all a bit cutesy, with Gaga proclaiming to have fallen helplessly in love. Until the fifth minute when stereotypically borderline vulgarity emerges ("I wanna fu- fuck you as hard as I can") and presumably, a fair few males around the world's brains explode as if they're in Mars Attacks. Sexy Ugly on the other hand, sounds a little like a blippy take on Britney. But you know, one of the good ones... Like Toxic. Or I'm A Slave 4 U. Coincidentally, Spears has smeared autotune all over her terrible Telephone cover in a bid to stay relevant. Gaga's worst song just got suffocated like Warburtons smothered by sludgy Nutella.

Download: Lady Gaga, Future Love (Live from amfAR)/ Lady Gaga, Sexy Ugly.