Magical Music Roundabout: Paradis du Synthétiseur, Pony Pony Run Run.

La Roux's recently been harping on about ditching the quiff. Yet if she sharpens the razor blade and does the deed she'll of course be little more than a vaguely authenticated Eurythmics tribute act. Which I suppose she already is to quite a large extent. Nonetheless, that flush of fiery ginger flare is to La Roux what the sluggish mustache was to Zappa, Ziggy was to Bowie and joints the size of baseball bats most probably still are to Snoop Dogg. France's best electronic export since the obnoxiously endearing brattery of Naïve New Beaters, Pony Pony Run Run don't rely quite as heavily on aesthetics as Princess Roux-Roux, instead opting for the breezy synth-pop that's aided Phoenix in their clamber to the top of the indie pile of late, although evidently they're far from averse to a finely tailored blazer, or spot of pilosité faciale. Wouldn't be too jaw-dropping to catch them brandishing a keytar at one point or another either... Walking On A Line, their forthcoming single released on Parisian label 3ème Bureau urges you uncontrollably to scream synthétiseur in your most unconvincing faux-French accent, at the top of your lungs in an over-enthused, garlic-infused tone from the summit of the Tour d'Eiffel. I walk the line.

   Walking On A Line - Pony Pony Run Run by Sainted PR

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