Magical Music Roundabout: Still Can't Get No Sleep, Faithless.

This week sees the release of Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss' worshiped secular institution that is Faithless' umpteenth LP, The Dance. Featuring its regular smattering of riled Jazz raps, Dido appearances and relentless bits and bobs of ecstatic bleep, the record's second track is a euphoric reworking of lost 80s synth diamonds Blancmange's Feel Me. Originally as stereotypical of the era as Dave Gahan and David Bryne riding around Vice City in a muscle car aggregating underhand backyard congregations, Sister Bliss' reinterpretation bobs buoyantly as swathes of pounding synths twinkle about ludicrous vocals blurted as if in a possessed daze of "Here comes a love song!" Whilst this year's Glastonbury ends with Stevie Wonder Sunday, Faithless' timeless odes to amnesia were predestined for sunset slots on the Pyramid Stage and Feel Me could sonically fill Worthy Farm thrice over.

DOWNLOAD: Faithless, Feel Me. (Link removed at artist's request)

Faithless' 6th studio album The Dance is out now.