On the Horizon: In The West Highlands, Born And Raised; In Their Bedrooms is Where Young Fathers Seemingly Spent Most Of Their Days.

It's fairly self-explanatory that there's a Grand Canyon sized gulf between British and American humour. Looking no further than that bearded Slough paper company general manager that threw every Ricky Gervais obscenity into the public domain, those over the pond had to dismantle the office, reassembling it in an even more smug and ostentatious composition. And so to Young Fathers. We Brits have never been all that well revered for our geek chic hip hop tendencies à la Beastie Boys, Spank Rock etc. We've never even been all that great at glossed up glimmering hip hop production values and all that jazz either. Until you touch down on the sands and sounds of this trio Scotsmen, flying on the winds of innovation, combining incoherent lyrical blasts spat over dirty backing tracks. From humble bedroom beginnings toying about with karaoke machines and Argos mics, Young Fathers may still be a country mile or two away from US heavyweights MF Doom and Flying Lotus in multiple senses, although with a slew of summer festival appearances dawning imminently you'd probably have to bet against them going the way of Fiddie Cent in front of a heaving throng of Green Day fans and fluorescent adolescents.

Automatic (streamed below) is to be released as an AA single backed up by Dancing Mantaray on 21st June through This Is Music.

   "Automatic" by Young Fathers by electroqueer

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