Gazing Down In The Garage: the band in Heaven.

Much has been made of The Big Pink's hazy bluster into the world of murky guitar sounds and bleary-eyed revelry when realistically, they never had much more than one chrous in them that they then repeated around the world incessantly, ad infinitum. the band in Heaven sound a little like Milo and Robbie, were they caught tiptoeing about Dylan's Candy Store whilst slurping strawberry laces in the wee hours. Their latest collection of demos, including a cover of The Cranberries effervescently resplendent Dreams is available for free from the band's Bandcamp page. The fuzzy, scuzzed-up ethereal charms of High Low are as cut-throat clean as wasabi-stained sushi from Sofia Coppola's opus Lost In Translation, whilst the rattling muffled intensity of coal recalls Konono No.1 were they washed at 90ยบ with the bleeding heart of The Radio Dept. Forget looking to the stars; look to the band in Heaven, gazing down at their shoes.

   the band in Heaven - High Low by strangewaverecords

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