Magical Music Roundabout: Rudimentary. Tomorrow's Tulips Bang The Drums.

Bowl haircuts, half-masted rolled-up jeans and staccato Ian Curtis-esque jolts might make The Drums aesthetically pleasing. In terms of their polished pseudo-ramshackle musical offset however, there's verging on nothing even vaguely intriguing. Switching over to the west coast, the Best Coast perhaps these days (at least sonically) Tomorrow's Tulips are the real deal, as they slur their way around Fender Musicmaster single coil rattles and rudimentary snare thuds. Casual Hopelessness sounds a little like Black Lips had they ever reached civilisation, ditching the gold teeth, ponchos and saliva in favour of sandy pants and denim jackets. Amidst this viral web hurricane of Twilight obsession, with half of the adolescent population of the globe wishing they were either a microbe that resided in Matt Bellamy's underwear or alternatively a vampire, Casual Hopelessness stands resolute as a vocal opposition to such folly, as wittering vocals of not wanting to "be a vampire without doing shit" whir about the most nonchalant post-punk you'll hear this side of Butlins on an ATP weekend. If Tomorrow's Tulips gave any less of a shit, they'd probably be enveloped in some bed-ridden perpetual coma, but that all adds to the charm of their garage rock majesty really...

DOWNLOAD: Tomorrow's Tulips, Casual Hopelessness/ Eternally Teenage.

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