Magical Music Roundabout: Biting Into Paul Weller's Neckerchief.

Paul Weller will most probably always be remembered for that unnervingly straight fringe and his contribution to the now-extinct genre, era and inanity that was Mod. Little Vampire is Yeah Yeah Yeahs mastermind, Nick Zinner. On 14th June, Weller releases double A-side single Find The Torch Burn The Plans/ Aim High. The Prawns In The Sun mix sees Zinner entirely reworking the track, biting into Weller's deadpan voice box and eschewing haemoglobin spurts that sounds akin to Crystal Castles' latest LP fed through the sheer elation of Les Savy Fav, bleeding all the way to the blood bank. Weller never sounded so goddamn relevant.

DOWNLOAD: Paul Weller, Find The Torch / Burn The Plans (Prawns In The Sun Remix by Little Vampire).