On the Horizon: Murky Euphoria Courtesy of Nedry.

Nedry are Ayu Okakita, Chris Amblin and Matt Parker, a genre-splicing trio from London that sound a little like Björk going berzerk, her brain batting against the sides of her skull as grubby dubstep fills the backdrop void, Mount Kimbie providing back-up instrumentation. Last month they played Barcelona's Sónar 2010 although when you're idiotic enough to bunk hostel bunks and opt for dusks and dawns on Spanish sands, expending iPods and mobiles in the process, sufficient energy for afternoon/early evening shows is a little overbearing to the point of dementia induction. Especially in 38º heat. So Dots & Dashes neglected to investigate. They play this weekend's Truck Festival. If you're setting GPS coordinates for Steventon Hill over the coming days, pack your cloak, pipe and shovel and delve into the dreamy drones of A42 and the Nine Inch Nails guitar brutality of Scattered, both streamed below.

   Nedry - a42 by musicnerds

   Nedry - Scattered by musicnerds

Nedry's Myspace.