On the Horizon: Oozing Estrogen. Bethany Cosentino & Sky Larkin.

Scruffy unkempt scalawags darting about on pipecleaner jeans and pencil toes seem to be slowly but surely sinking back into the hovels in which they hurled Heinz at the walls and squinted at sunrises approximately 31 months ago, before astronomic sums and twiglet arm candy was thrust into the trajectory of their fledgling careers. And that's presumably not altogether an entirely negative offshoot of sweeping trends more fickle than Bob Dylan's setlist squandering. Leeds' one and only exponentially superlative export, Sky Larkin return imminently with Kaleide, their sophomore effort following on from last year's impressionably raucous The Golden Spike LP. Still Windmills is drawn from it, and slaps your ears about like Land Of Talk circa 2007. Infinitely more immediate than Kaleide, Still Windmills is as infectious as a tropical disease once it latches onto the scent of a certain (Mrs./Miss.) Cole.


Objectively, a Converse-concocted supergroup of sorts featuring Kid Cudi, Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij and Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino ought to be about as bearable as a summer spent with your iPod jammed on Mumford & Sons. Subjectively however, despite Best Coast bombing it at Primavera Sound a bit ago, the jingling Christmas bells of All Summer, littered with Kid Cudi's superfluous sweet nothings of carefree abandon and smeared with Cosentino's honeyed vox are ultimately endearing and almost rectify the wrongs of Boyfriend... Minimal trace of Vampire Weekend presumably facilitates track enjoyment. Coincidentally, Best Coast and Sky Larkin join femme fatale forces at Cargo on the 2nd August. Good old Wichita.

   Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij & Bethany Cosentino - All Summer by Hypetrak