Tripping & Hopping Around Breakage, Clare Maguire.

A voice more menacing than Simon Cowell's monotonous drawl and a billowing vocal more enchanting than a genetically conjured army of Cheryl Coles fighting for the most emotionless of love, Birmingham's Clare Maguire couldn't be more mainstream bank-busting were she signed to one of the most major of majors, touring with Italo Lento fascists Hurts and sounding infinitely more almighty than David Guetta after relatively minimal exposure. Shock horror then that the three aforementioned acclaims all have ticks in their adjacent boxes, and all without venturing anywhere near the realms of the superficiality and synthetics of the X(crutiating) Factor. Plastered all over Maguire's Myspace, inscribed is the phrase 'I'm Clare Maguire. Let's Begin.' And this lolloping Massive Attack-esque dubby trip-hop take on forthcoming single Ain't Nobody courtesy of Breakage is as good a starting block as any, as synths ebb and flow as twinkling piano-shaped shooting stars glisten amidst vocals more awe-engulfing than the sun. Anything but apocalyptic majesty will now result in delusion from the serotonin strains of the Fever Ray for the Gaga generation.

DOWNLOAD: Clare Maguire, Ain't Nobody (Breakage Remix).

Clare Maguire's Myspace.