On the Horizon: Rummaging. Forest Cry.

Given the current dominance of dubstep and moreover, its contemporarily illegitimate offspring post-dubstep, it's a fairly appropriate time for Finnish soundscape constructor Forest Cry to seep his jittering foliage out onto the crowded undergrowth of t'internet. Equally inspired by indigenous South America as Mount Kimbie, Dots & Dashes has longed to put an irrevocably excellent sound to Finland well, since it's conception really and with the swirling vocal samples that contort around a plethora of varied percussive thuds and rimshots, Forest Cry is Joy Orbison sprinting over timber and under low-slung leafage in the Amazon, beetle pigment smeared on those chiseled cheeks of his in frantic search of divine inspiration. A quite fantastical, at times ephemeral listen, divine is quite the currency in which Kuukkaken deals. White Hawk could provide the quintessence of disco, were Club NME to branch out into tree houses and mud huts in Bolivia, a little like Stardust getting lodged in Crystal Fighters' eyes.
   White Hawk by Forest Cry

Then there's Rhythm & Fire, a sultry 2-step affair that flits between Scandinavian introversion and Bamboo Banga incessantly over a riveting four minutes twenty-eight. In an oft stagnant scene in which its originators are castigated for breaking the UK Top 40, Forest Cry aerobically respires a rejuvenating vibrancy that sincerely ought to flourish.
   Rhythm & Fire by Forest Cry

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