On the Horizon: Sunset Wanders. Babe, Terror.

From the aural interpretation of Finnish fjords to Sao Paulo Tropicalia infused with more distortion than a decade of The Big Chill, more terrifying than buxom, Brazilian Babe, Terror may sound a little like dragging Avey Tare to midnight mass, before stained glass shatters and demonic distortion clambers through the gaping snaggletoothed gap. Or at least that's a little along the lines of the bemused beauty contained within Summertime Our League, Babe, Terror's UK debut now lining the aisles of the odd independent record store. Released by Erol Alkan through his Phantasy Sound label, expansive reverberations collide with bone-tingling, phantasmal veils of vocals akin to The Beach Boys clawing at the gates of Hades. Michelangelo was once inquisitioned as to quite why he was hacking away so diligently at a block of rock, to which the inevitable riposte was that within hid an angel vying for freedom, and there's a beguiling, angelic heart of stone thumping away within the concise layers of sound slapped down by Babe, Terror, a conjoining of visceral vivaciousness and lifeless sterility. The musical incarnation of purgatory, in perhaps the most positive light conceivable. Dutifully, Kieran Hebden's given Summertime Our League a rather football terrace-friendly rhythmic slap round the chops, streaming below.

   01 Summertime Our League (Four Tet Remix) by FAMILYltd

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