Bloc Weekend 2011 Ones To Watch: Boxcutter.

A week on from featuring SBTRKT as a Dots & Dashes Ones To Watch at the majestically messy Bloc Weekend, today our attentions turn to genre slicer and dicer Barry Lynn, aka Boxcutter. The Irish beat monger already counts five full LPs amidst his back catalogue, all through the persistently promising Planet Mu label, and melds IDM idiosyncrasies together seamlessly with all sorts of influences, Sunshine (below), lifted from seminal 2006 effort Oneiric taking in nu-jazz rhythms and amazonian pipes atop deep, soulful samples.
  Boxcutter - Sunshine by surrealisticmind
Conveniently, ahead of next month's Butlins bash, Lynn has compiled a veritably eclectic mix that incorporates anything and everything from Tainted Love to Teengirl Fantasy, Mount Kimbie to Marvin Gaye. Bemusing and brilliant in the extreme, it showcases ideally Lynn's eccentric taste, besides his ability to mangle sounds of different shapes and sizes so that they remain consistently impeccable.

As if you weren't sold hook, line and sinker already, here's the joyously disorientating Sabrina Ratté-directed vid to the psychedelic funk resplendence of TV Troubles, lifted from forthcoming record The Dissolve.

Prepare for Boxcutter to splice up your original impressions of genre...

Bloc Weekend takes place from 11th-13th March amidst the infantile decadence of Butlins, Minehead. For more info and the like, voilĂ .