Gold Panda Wed To Star Slinger, Forest Swords, Baths et al.

We fawn fucking helplessly over anything Gold Panda. Marriage was an unfathomably excellent highlight to Derwin's superlative debut LP Lucky Shiner so when it was to be rewired by the current electronica monarchy the results were destined to be rather spectacular in our humble little opinion. An almost amazonian slab of epic is provided by the Star Slinger rework which features on the Marriage EP released via Ghostly International.
  Marriage (Star Slinger Remix) by Gold Panda
Then there's the acoustic despondence of the Forest Swords attempt, uniting post-dubstep backdrop in holy matrimony with sparse nylon strings in perhaps the crowning subsection of the extended play.
  Marriage (Forest Swords 1am redraw) by Gold Panda
Baths then created a somewhat ecclesiastical remix that could only perceivably be rendered more celestial by a hallelujah or two here and there. Alternatively, in the closing stages Marriage seems to assimilate Crystal Castles dissolving in tepid waters like extortionate bath salts.
  Marriage (Baths Remix) by Gold Panda
When it rains it pours via Gold Panda's Soundcloud, so here's a bonus, silky rework of Yamaan's Blossom. Ta, Derwin.
  Yamaan: Blossom [Chorus by Chiyori] (Gold Panda remix) by Gold Panda

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