On the Horizon: Cornershop Unite India's Provinces.

Ahead of the imminent release of Cornershop's forthcoming LP Cornershop and the Double 'O' Groove Of, bask in the radiant sepia intricacies of United Provinces Of India, a sumptuous three minutes, thirty seconds that transports you to all corners of a decade's worth of superlative indie, via omnipresent Bhaṅgṛā influence. Aided by the illusive and enigmatic Bubbley Kaur, the glorious vid that accompanies the track trades in luscious tones and chronicles the richness of streetside markets through the medium of joyously disorientating point-of-view shots. Totally timeless, United Provinces Of India and its associated visual aid, bursting with a vast array of vibrant hues offer great promise for the Double 'O' Groove we'll swiftly be slipping into.

The record emerges March 14th.
  Cornershop - United Provinces Of India by TLOBF