Crawling back into Civilization, Justice.

Remember Justice? Those fucked up, homoerotic Francophones that travelled Across the Universe, or at least the United States, toting revolvers and wedding randomers in sleazy Vegas cesspits dolled up as chapels as they hedonistically tore the stars and stripes to shreds dual-handedly? Well, they're back, with Civilization. It's set to feature in an Adidas ad that'll look something like:

Meanwhile the below track is ripped from the full-length ad, and consequently features a slew of ridiculous sound effects superimposed over the top of archetypal Moog mayhem and clunky piano chord progressions. Inserting the electro mental(ilty) back into monumental, it's a promising sign of premonitory evolution from the Ed Banger duo.
  Justice - Civilization (Video RIP) by stopthenoise