On the Horizon: Bubbling Over, Braids.

Attempting to recollect some fragments of sanity following on from the annual Bloc Weekend is a gruelling, exhausting experience and one that's best achieved through a distancing of your eardrums from anything electronic, or at least even slightly aggressive. All set for a slew of SXSW shows over the coming week, Canadian quartet Braids unite ambling synthetic arpeggios with the hallucinatory ambience of Panda Bear's most tripped out material and provide apt soundtrack to the transition from surreality and hedonism to mundanity and responsibility that the dawning of Monday inherently entails. Lemonade is sublime, a track that fizzes uncontrollably in crescendo like Berocca on the driest of tongues, frothing over into the irrevocably euphoric, and streams as below.
  Braids- Lemonade by Anorak London

Braids' Myspace.