Waking Up With The Butcher, Radiohead.

If you couldn't face the mad scrambles in the aisles/getting up excruciatingly early (delete as appropriate), or perhaps are yet to go to bed, all hope of getting your hands on Radiohead's vinyl offering to this year's Record Store Day is lost. Not that all's lost however, as both Supercollider and The Butcher are streaming online as of now. The quality, as with most Radiohead leaks leaves a little to be desired, although the expansive drabness of Supercollider is fairly spectacular in any condition thinkable.
  Radiohead - Supercollider by ianbhoy
The Butcher meanwhile is predictably more menacing, rudimentary synth plods layered atop drums schnooked out of the Ford factory, Yorke soothingly crooning away as per.
  Radiohead - The Butcher by ianbhoy
Happy Record Store Day, now go buy some plastic. If you're out and about in London this afternoon we highly recommend Rocketnumbernine at Poland Street's Phonica Records as far as the instore circuit's concerned.