Festival Frolics: Stag & Dagger 2011 Fest Bests.

Regardless of the innumerable inner city pseudo-festivals that've continually cropped up over recent history, the Shoreditch-based Stag & Dagger indubitably has something quite special about it, primarily due to its bookers' ability to foresee musical trends and tendencies with unnerving accuracy. Last time we meandered on over Eastwards way back when (or 2009) we caught the likes of the damn good (The xx, The Twilight Sad, Evan Dando), the damn dodgy (Jack PeƱate, The Temper Trap) and damn dubstep (Rusko). With a comparatively streamlined line up, this year's bash looks equally essential and although there's a glimmering wealth of undiscovered and unearthed to cash in on, we're only gonna go and attempt to dictate your every action made tomorrow night...

Echo Lake
What: London quintet Echo Lake, armed with muted guitars and a plethora of effects pedals, chisel picturesque sonic landscapes you'll want to inhabit for the coming months.
Why: Young Silence, even on record, sounds like the innards of a supernova being strewn across a glistening, star-sprinkled universe. That could sound like almost anything live... Although it'll most probably sound sublime.
Where & When: Village Underground, 8pm
  Young Silence by Echo Lake

Mammal Club
What: Bastardised Britpop stylings from Tyneside upstarts, Mammal Club 
Why: Delays-ish falsettos swathed in delay and Everything Everything urgency, new material can't come soon enough. Catch an aural glimpse on Great Eastern Street.
Where & When: Old Blue Last, 8.45pm
  Put Your Fears In Order by Mammal Club

No Joy
Who: Caught between Montreal and LA, Laura Lloyd and Jasamine White-Gluz make up No Joy, and were their scuzzy sound a tail, it should be pinned on a donkey somewhere between The Duke Spirit, Best Coast and Land Of Talk.
Why: The scruffy, rough'n'ready Heedless is an effervescent burst of refreshment in the bloated wake of the continual degradation of the much-lambasted shoegaze genre they're often dumped into.
Where & When: Village Underground, 10pm

Big Deal
Who: Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe are Big Deal, and if you've swung by these parts of late you'll already know all about them...
Why: Majestic, if mawkish pubescent high school serenades from the transatlantic duo/pair/couple/whatever.
Where & When: CAMP, 10.25pm
  Homework by Big Deal

Who: Again, we've been lauding this lot for a little bit now. CREEP are Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard and besides sharing a name and a couple of MacBooks, the pair boast an excellent communal taste in bittersweet ambience.
Why: Apocalyptica, cellos, oversized basketball jerseys and irrefutably excellent New York doom and gloom superbly produced. Romy Madley Croft may even show up for their third London show. Probably not worth betting on, however... 
Where & When: XOYO, 11pm
  Days (Azari & III Remix) by CREEP

Who: Eagulls. We'd meant to catch them at last month's Camden Crawl, although got muddled with timings, and stumbled into the Black Cap just as they brought proceedings to a typically deranged close.
Why: We're looking to right a wrong, although you ought to be aiming to test out how resilient your eardrums are to relentless Northern turbulence.
Where & When: CAMP, 11.20pm
  Eagulls - Pullin' My Leg by be-bop-kids

Star Slinger
Who: Star Slinger, or Darren Williams to his progenitors...
Why: Again, we missed his Camden Rock show at the 'Crawl, although having produced records akin to Gold Panda were he dragged into the dark heart of soul, records tinged with more sexuality than Prince at his most Controversial, before the Jehova's Witnesses came a-knocking (indulge in the latter half of Do It Myself for explicit proof), we'll be ushering in Friday with Williams down Curtain Road.
Where & When: Queen of Hoxton, 12.15pm
  Star Slinger - Do It Myself (NSFW) by Star Slinger

This year's Stag & Dagger takes place across various venues within the postcode beginning with E tomorrow, before relocating to Glasgow for Saturday. More info can be found here.