On the Horizon: Daubs of Dauwd.

A veritable age ago, we ranted and not so much raved as bobbed to the docile sounds of Dark Sky, with their Frames EP having been recently released on Pictures Music. Lamentably, we don't pick up on as many of their eerie releases as we ought, although these particular tracks from Liverpool's Dauwd are nigh on impossible to disremember, let alone disregard. A-side Could It Be contorts clicks and glitches that've become all but quintessential to the past twelve months, fusing them together with tinges of ambient jazz and glimmering clavier interjections.
However it's Shimmer on the flipside that seals the deal, window gazing melancholy reminiscent of Arp's perennially seminal In Light LP permeating ingenuous, soulful samples.
The tracks are available for download as of now via the Pictures Music Bandcamp. Name your price.