Maw Maw Maw, Her Name Is Calla.

What with the rate of knots at which contemporary musical seas ebb and flow, it's all too easy to be swept out to sea by the undertow of a record, only to be eventually washed ashore, exhausted, like splintered driftwood left out to dry in the blinding light of the latest beacons of hype. One such LP that enveloped and exhausted us just so late last year was The Quiet Lamb, a far from fruity, if succulent labour from Her Name Is Calla. Thankfully they now return with a new EP, entitled Maw. Whilst its backup is of a more typically orchestral variety (the expansive Dreamlands discernibly Callan), the eponymous track sees seething viscerality and urgent, rattling drums gallop into the fray. It's genuinely apocalyptic and unnerving, hunks of palm-muted guitars shocking through devastating brass fanfare. Entirely diverse, again spectacular, Her Name Is Calla, and by God does she beguile.

DOWNLOAD: Her Name Is Calla, Maw.

The Maw EP can be streamed in its entirety here, via the Her Name Is Calla Bandcamp.