On the Horizon: Medicine, Give Me What I Need. Theme Park.

Theme Park are, apparently, 'a band made up of two brothers and 3 friends. Living in London, they’ve been writing songs since early 2011.' And that's about all the info that's out and about for now, although you'll be most familiar with one or two indie types in on their act in one capacity or another. And unless one of the brothers/friends is hiding in that hulky bush in the background, or one or other brother is yet to befriend one of the friends, quite how many men count themselves as members also remains a mystery. What's rather more apparent is that their blend of decadent, slinky Talking Heads-meets-frYars sonic outcome, sparked off on A Mountain We Love, strikes to the tune of love at first exposure. The video's pretty glorious too and if you're slightly socially inept, male and currently somewhere in your early 20's, probably charts the past ten years of your existence pretty accurately.

Milk meanwhile is an altogether more jaunty, neck-jolting number that weaves in and out of lyrical dementia and shimmying guitar hysteria with fervour. Rollercoaster-like, let the ride commence.

DOWNLOAD: Theme Park, Milk.

Theme Park.