Sexy Worm Have You Got The Bird? Zun Zun Egui.

For those still insisting on bleating on about trip hop whenever referencing any musical outpour of the South West, Zun Zun Egui rabidly dispel such countercultural insolence with a tropiphoric burst of clattering rhythms, haywire synths and headless guitars. Fandango Fresh is all those things condensed down into precisely five balmy minutes, spearheaded by lyrics of a particularly risqué worm "getting the bird". Contorted allegory of All Saints Street hedonism perhaps, but when the aural outcome is anywhere near this ebullient and jubilant the Bristol-based quartet could inject a kaleidoscope of vivid bliss into the gloomiest old Velázquez in the mustiest old mansion Clifton village has to offer.
  Zun Zun Egui - Fandango Fresh by Bella Union

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