On the Horizon: Florrie.

Florrie is the sort of bona fide popstrel Iceland ad executives would consume half the frozen produce of the Swansea branch stoorfloor for, raw, just to have her witter on about how "posh" their gristle discs are for a second or two. As a self-financed artiste, such a treaty may conceivably favour all involved, yet her desire to maintain ultimate autonomy in a post-modern society overfilled with High Court gagging orders and Gaga omnipresence is highly laudable. Allegedly around £450 is lost nightly in order to keep the Florrie show on the road, and in the build-up to the imminent release of her second EP (out via iTunes June 14th), this seems to suggest sleeper coaches and gleaming stardom are but a few more rounds of the South Circular from fruition. And all that before jacking the track...

Begging Me has been out and about for a fair old while now, and it's a slab of seductive pop perfection, complimented by pinched harmonics and the unflappable nonchalance of every celebrated pop paragon, smeared in the indelibility inherent of every unforgettable pop hook from Erasure's Always to Nicola Roberts' Beat Of My Drum. It's pop basically, and pop to have Victoria Hesketh cowering behind that ill-advised Urban Outfitters-inspired mythological imagery until the equally ill-advised Dead Disco reunion tour.
  Experimenting With Rugs by Florrie
Experimenting With Rugs meanwhile, lifted from the very same aforementioned extended-play, is bizarrely reminiscent of Milanese "sisters" Paola e Chiara's unabashedly euphoric Festival LP of 2002. In many a mind that'd be a particularly damning critique, yet the eponymous track from the siblings' schmaltzfest soundtracked more than just the one summer, and still holds a (relatively) special place in my iPod, if not heart. It's Europhoric, shatters the unfathomable-to-radio five minute boundary, and there's even a guitar interlude that sounds like the only palatable Editors track (the allegorical one about the rat race). Except it's infinitely superior to that, just as it's infinitely superior to nigh on the entirety of this weekend's Isle Of Wight Festival line up, where she should indubitably be appearing.

More info on Florrie can be found here.