"Fields of Golden Dandelions", El-P.

Having reconvened with Bigg Jus and Mr. Len for July's inaugural London leg of ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror, Jaime Meline (as he's known to the feds) or El-P (as he's known to both we and his new discographic home Fat Possum) again goes it alone for third studio full-length Cancer for Cure. Expected May, it's Meline's first recorded output in five years and, if second single The Full Retard may be regarded as an accurate benchmark for the record's general standard it'd seem that the sonic schizophrenia's been exacerbated if anything. I'll Sleep When You're Dead often felt like intergalactic exploration, with an endless spectrum of dissonant genres equating to weird and wonderful stars, supernovas and other explosive stuff seen from windows of some futuristic vessel and we're here treated to further El-P-styled revolution in place of patent evolution. Meline persistently urges for shit to be pumped "like they do in the future" over glitchy robotic malfunction pulsations, whilst threatening to kick in a groin or two on a typically vicious yap of a verse before we're plunged into what feels like freeform free-fall as a warped monologue drifts through some spectacularly celestial reverberations. We're quasi-religiously enlightened: "Where harmony and love reign, no longer do we live in a society bent on its own destruction" yet that such tranquil letup is soon torn into by the sound of ferocious artillery and Meline's rabid growling of "little bitch" suggests he's up for further ruination yet.