Militant Exertion, Death Grips.

Californian avant-rap collective Death Grips have been engendering compelling, if often disquieting industrial revolution with their brand of ingenious hip hop enmity ever since 2011 mixtape Exmilitary emerged, bearing teeth, bloodied fists set to furiously cudgel. Since then and ahead of the two 2012 full-lengths expected of them, they've been oozing new stuff out on the Soundcloud and it'd seem safe to assume that the ever-abrasive galumph of Lost Boys will feature on first offering The Money Store (a record which will also include previously digested hunks Blackjack and Get Got), expected April 23rd via Epic Records. They play the Friday (June 1st) of this year's San Miguel Primavera Sound.

Death Grips' Soundcloud.