Stranger to Friend, Lotus Plaza.

Whilst Bradford Cox busies himself taking on interminable interpretations of My Sharona (albeit as well as periodically penning intermittently excellent solo stuff) fellow Deerhunter Lockett Pundt has too been keeping things ticking over and the Fenders chiming as he readies Spooky Action At A Distance, a second long-player under the guise of Lotus Plaza. The record's expected early April on Kranky and Strangers, an inviting opening into the record, was today shoved out into corners far and wide of the internets. Tapping into the vibrant urgency and continual surging intensification of Desire Lines (one of two Halcyon Digest tracks far from coincidentally scribed by Pundt himself), it's a lesson to all budding lo-fi architects everywhere that's incontrovertibly well worth heeding.