On the Horizon: Oh It's Real... Fantasy Rainbow.

Purportedly born in upstate NY and presently shacked up in Manchester, Oliver Catt masquerades as Fantasy Rainbow and latest EP No Hope. Not Ever sounds like Real Estate before shit got, well, a little too real. Expected March 19th via Gateshead indie Tiny Lights Recordings, lapses of lackadaisical guitars wash over the ramshackle clanging of a loose hi-hat like sea foam hissing over an infinity of slowly eroded pebbles on opener It's Only the Sealife whilst shiny, happy guitars redolent of those to impel The World Won't Listen smatter against mellifluous West Coast lethargy on the impermeable wave of splendour that is Raincoat. The EP's eponymous closer is another coursing swill of a comber that's sweeter than any sweet tooth-surrenderingly saccharine fizz never to have crossed over the pond and, clocking in at almost eight minutes that are eventually curtailed with the dramatic hues of organ whirr, almost inadvertently becomes something of an epic. Much of Fantasy Rainbow's work may be monochromatic yet No Hope. Not Ever glistens quite radiantly.

Fantasy Rainbow's Bandcamp.