Do I Look Like a Rapper? Hot Chip.

Following on from the jubilant throbs and falsettos of Flutes, the reconvened Hot Chip are again on hand to proffer an insight into forthcoming fifth full-length In Our Heads (expected June 11th via Domino). Lead single Night and Day sees the five-piece return to firmer, more well-trodden ground, its freak-fi disco leanings propped up by an infectious frenzy redolent of Basement Jaxx' Rooty. It also documents a return to the steel pans that sumptuously punctuated One Life Stand. Taylor's at the forefront, duetting with all manner of contorted vocals and salacious grunts of "OK, OK; You know I'm thinkin' 'bout you", whilst Joe Goddard's welcomingly lethargic interjections of "You got me workin' night and day" inject a little tranquility into the overriding delirium of the track. Seemingly a calculated attempt to reconcile the perplexity to face any and every DJ – the dichotomy between work and play – lyrically, it's as intriguing as anything Taylor's penned for some time: "If I could be inside you darling/ At the centre of your life" he coos pseudo-sentimentally one moment before pausing for an amusing monologue of sorts: "I don't got no ABBA/ I don't play no Gabba/ I like Zapp; not Zappa/ So please quit your jibber-jabber/ I've just lined up Macca/ We're not in Ayia Napa/ Do I look like a rapper?/ Do I look like a rapper?" Knowingly sardonic, that these lines are delivered with a hip-hop lilt and that Taylor may be seen adorned in the attire pictured above locate him ever closer to Akira The Don than never before.
Hot Chip.