On the Horizon: Black; White; Warm All Over, Hot Panda.

Straddling the spheres of analog and digital and stuffing airborne genitalia on the sleeve for your third LP, British Columbians Hot Panda aren't exactly your average bunch. Sounding somewhat like a sedate Blood Brothers circa final war cry Young Machetes, Future Markets is the first thing to be outed from forthcoming full-length Go Outside (anticipated July 16th via Mint Records) and it's a rollicking stomp, its opening flickers of guitar equal parts punk and funk. A twitchy, schitzy listen that's locked in constant coming-to-terms with the rage located within as it forbiddingly looks back over its shoulder, freakish shrieks soused in reverb hound tribalistic rhythmic thuddery throughout. Imagine Johnny Whitney ripping spinal chords from the figurative cadavers of Gay Blades and The Blood Brothers to possessedly clack skulls as though they were sonorous clogs and you'll have a vague sense of the terror evoked. A touch etrograde yet ultimately resplendent, wouldn't it be nice if everything under the banner of 'Pop' pertained to such insistent urgency?

Hot Panda.