On the Horizon: HD Soundscapes, Silent Enjoyment.

Cologne microlabel Fjellsmug proffers this belief-affirming objective: 'It's all about the music we like and we hope that you like it as well. The spirit of a melody, the wideness of a soundscape, the chord that dwells deep down within yourself.' In releasing a two-track by the name From Tulsa To Des Moines from Silent Enjoyment, the pairing of local youves Mäd Mandy and Lasse Løberg, they've ticked the aforesaid boxes so vigorously that were they scribbled down on the sturdiest of card then pen would scorch through just as From Tulsa cuts straight to the heart. An effervescent counterbalance of icy sounds and warming feeling it's a heady throb of textured vox and subtle drops that overwhelm like an avalanche; a highly defined soundscape as picturesque as the precarious view from perpendicular angle at the height of soaring precipice.