On the Horizon: Quasi perfetta, Fabiana Palladino.

Cast your mind back to Ghostpoet's crossover single Survive It and it's the chorus that'll first bite. Those otherworldly yet quintessentially London vocals came from the bocca e polmoni of Fabiana Palladino and, if latest demo Young Thing is anything to go by, there'll be further puffing, panting, ranting and raving over this youthful being sooner rather than later. Mooted to have been snapped up by Kwes.' very own microlabel BOKKLE., the Warp upstart's gooey mellifluousness and honeyed keys are smeared all over it and, as Palladino chirps: "Young thing I'd like to grow old with you" music, lyrics and that superlative voice form a joyous amalgam equating to lost late '90s R'n'B startler. Indeed it's just so impeccable that it could quite inconspicuously slip into All Saints' eponymous debut however most pertinently it marks an almost unfeasibly audacious leap from past recordings of just five months ago. Slurp it up below.

Fabiana Palladino's Soundcloud.