On the Horizon: Pulling Teeth, ILLLS.

A disdain for orthographical exactitude and seemingly a penchant for stomach-churning disgust (Lord knows what the Oxford, US of A outfit splurged into that there bowl above) ILLLS' Teeth, the first thing they've rendered in any way digestible is a perfectly sticky gumball well worth having stuck up in your rear molars, or iPod memory, or Soundcloud favourites. Whatever. Envisage snowballing bubblegum blob the width of the Mississippi river bowling through their resident continent, picking up influential debris in its chewy body: from the gloopy goodness of Panda Bear's Tomboy to the punch-drunk ramshackle bluster of Deer Tick, Teeth draws upon a vivid palette of influence whilst sounding as though it could knock out a fair few. They release an EP by the name of Dark Paradise June 17th via The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing.

ILLLS' Soundcloud.