Ready For Drowning, Fear Of Men.

The only Bandcamp demo to feature in our Tracks of 2011 countdown (where it charted only behind Metronomy's The Look) was a relatively little-known number from Brighton/ London lo-fi contingent Fear Of Men and although now replaced by the full-bodied version also located below, its murky insecurities and drowned lyrics that repeatedly insist: "I swear I didn't know" still seem to strike a somewhat devastating chord, like P&O liner seared on sharpened iceberg. Little wonder then that this finalised take, propelled by muffled rhythms and enrobed in gossamer-like strands of guitar, boasts yet more of the same wavy, woebegone glory. A veritably titanic effort, it's released on a limited 7" run of 300 via Sexbeat June 18th.

Fear Of Men's Soundcloud.