Common People, The Raveonettes.

These days birthing LPs as though Vice had some real bad don'ts of Sharin Foo and/ or Sune Rose Wagner in one hand and a cocked pistol in t'other, September's Observator will be Danish duo The Raveonettes' third in almost as many years. Released this week, Observations is the lead single and is almost entirely undistinguishable – if in a darn good way – even from, say, Night Comes Out: opening up with histrionic piano ploddery redolent of much of The Rapture's more recent FM-gilded detritus, Wagner's androgynous and doleful susurrations soon creep in atop undulations of crestfallen guitar. Lacking in lyricism, an instrumental chorus is a bold move for anyone at any point although in the case of Observations, it's undoubtedly a resolute do as The Raveonettes remain immutably great.

DOWNLOAD: The Raveonettes, Observations.

The Raveonettes.