On the Horizon: Lavish. LUSHES.

If you're to be counted among the few still mourning the demise of Tom Vek both creatively and credibly, it may be time do disrobe the dark shades and beckon down a beatific rejoice for Brooklyn pairing LUSHES channel the 'head vibes' of We Have Sound only to rewire them in order that they may be plugged into a 2012 pertinence. Immaculately produced by Annabel Alpers (aka Bachelorette) Harsh is a slippery, pseudo-orchestral work of minimal instrumentation employed to maximum effect: wayward vocals articulating sensations of a "scratched-up head" are underpinned by surges of sweeping electronics; punctuated by emotive guitar-shaped refrains and resonant harmonics. Anything but "harsh on my ears", although they may be fishing a future from retrospection it bodes well for the duo's artistic time ahead.

LUSHES' Soundcloud.