On the Horizon: Oh, Um... Hear Hums.

It's none too often an LP posed as 'an eleven song sound narrative set in a relatively acoustic environment' that transpires to have about as much in common with the sonic outpour to flutter up and out of the Amazon as it does with Animal Collective ambles along thus Gainesville, Florida pairing Hear Hums immediately protrude from the bumbling murmur of monotony that is our email. Comprising Mitch Myers and Kenzie Cooke, sophomore full-length Opens – outed earlier on in the year – is a richly textured, thoroughly compelling listen that feels informative of something substantially more supernal than anything else born of their West Palm Beach beginnings. From the therapeutic tribalisms of Shrines to the tumbledown ethnic acoustica of Am I, the record is a percussive pièce de résistance with the ingenuous plinks and stampeding rhythms of Critters Canopy its highlight.