On the Horizon: Buzz Boy, Celestino Telera.

Born in the arid yet bucolic environs of Manfredonia, Puglia Celestino Telera now resides in Bristol where, when not aiding on the sonic side of things at the renowned Cube Cinema has been generating more hum than buzz per se with these here musics. Oft operating under the nom de plume Huevo, his songwriting capabilities have continued to breed in the artistic hive that the West Country hub represents: whether that be soundtracking onstage shows or concocting aural experiments, Telera has begun to resemble quite the credentialed composer. Latest piece Swarming is something of a progressive behemoth that thunders between razor-gilded Reznor menace (think of him in his troubled days of dashing out vacant Quake soundscapes) and a Satie-inspired serenity although it's Sands Move – a rough chronicling of what and where Telera was back in March – that really resonates. Again corroded around the edges with the acerbic industrialism of the MAИ himself (this time think perhaps The Fragile), it's an expansive and arrantly enveloping listen lusting to be fully developed.

Celestino Telera's Soundcloud.