On the Horizon: Loops, Bits & Drops.

Following on from Celestino Telera's Sands Move, Liam Hennessy's Drops feels an apt subsequent pitstop on our race through music electrified and erected online. Another envelope-pushing effort as far as atmospheric instrumentals are concerned although this time built up into something a little more substantial, his Believe You Me EP... um... drops today (June 28th) with not so much a tidal swell of SPLASHH-like hype as a gentle ripple well worth curling up inside and drifting off to. Largely bereft of vocals, acoustic loops ebb over rudimentary percussion; over the buoyant sense of emotivity that courses through its four compositions. Its most instant instance is also its most immediate and in EP opener You Have My Word, Hennessy has perfected a humble if effectual, somehow hopeful melancholia that's akin to James Yuill without the obsequious whine or to Aidan Moffat/Malcolm Middleton (delete according to preference post-fraying of the Arab Strap) without the misery inherent to either. Drop in and drown below.