Sugared & Sumptuous, Golden Fable.

Articulating with hindsight, to bill a band as being endowed with a Midan touch – however lustrous any glinting first impression may be – is perhaps somewhat exaggerated; a dramatisation destined to rust and delude like the most brittle of metals. However here to spare blushes and to again emphatically vindicate such aggrandisement are our beloved Golden Fable, who return with Sugarloaf. Driven by the nagging cafard of compatriots Manic Street Preachers at their more drivetime – think The Love of Richard Nixon stripped of its irksome bombast – luscious orchestrations eddy underneath Rebecca Palin's comforting and comfortably sublime, almost ecclesiastical vocals. Redolent of a straight-edged and censored New Porno or a mellowed, more polished Dirty Projectors Sugarloaf is a sumptuous recording worthy of the most vehement hyperbole.

Golden Fable's Soundcloud.