On the Horizon: ides of nonexistent summer.

There's something intrinsically mournful about a balloon. Mute beyond repellent squeaks as one helium sack rubs another up the wrong way and ever destined either to deflate or worse still drift off into an upper echelon where it awaits some uncertain yet certainly atrocious fate, were Wordsworth still about he'd indubitably wander lonely as a... Comparably prosaic and infinitely more so than the above musing, Alanna McArdle's trains is a steady-rolling, suitably elegiac insight into heart-splintering anti-romance. "I hate you; and I know you hate me too" she ethereally soughs in what's little more than a beautifully extended exhale redolent of that which lives and breaths, alive and unwell throughout much of Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing. Thus although born of an explicit resentment ides' standout musical globule to have drizzled down from the Soundcloud breeds adoration. It's arguably the finest thing digested down lugholes thus far this year (argument aforereferenced at least taking place within my head) as whispering guitars, bristling feedback and vocals that rasp from within a shrub of amplifier hum combine to create an aesthetic that's both intimate and isolated; inviting yet inherently petrifying. Catch.

ides' Soundcloud.